Shabana Azmi Freshened her Father’s Verses


Hyderabad Literary Festival (HLF) is a yearly occasion that celebrates creativity in its all structures. HLF is a multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual occasion that draws over a hundred essayists, artists, academics, researchers, distributors from India and abroad every year. HLF 2019 is sorted out by “Hyderabad Literary Trust” in a relationship with the Government of Telangana and with the help of a few scholarly, artistic, and cultural organizations

This year, Shabana Azmi who has been a prominent figure of television, film and theatre, attended the festival. She addressed the audience in her adorable voice and being a daughter of a poetic legend, Kaifi Azmi, She showed her great knowledge and fondness about Urdu poetry. She recited some of the famous poetries and refreshed the essence of her father’s verses. The Audience continued to request and Shabana Azmi remained there to fulfill those requests with a deliberated heart. The poetry got its eminence (height) on that day while amusing the enthusiasts completely.

Shabana’s recitation of Urdu Poetry was not only for the amusement but she also delivered some solemn messages to the audience and also to the governmental authorities. As in her last poem, she asserted that firstly, we must ensure gender equality and remove the difference between men and women in all fields and especially in our minds. Secondly, we should not go for just materialistic success and superficial development, as these things are not worthy to form a strong nation. Rather we should pay our attention for the betterment of human conditions in our society. We should take much concern in human development to make our country great and strong.

This kind of festivals should be organized to promote every country’s languages and cultures and can be served as a platform to introduce the new generation with the literary treasures of past times.

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