Iqra Khilji makes her voice, a mouthpiece of every woman who suffers from male dominance



Khabees” is a poem by Iqra Khilji. In which she strongly shows her anger against male dominance in the society as she says

“Mai ghulaam-e-Nafaas hu” (I am a slave of my desire)

“ Mai utni hi Khud- Gharz hun jitney ke tum” ( I am as selfish as any man).

Her voice is actually a voice of every woman who is tired to suffer from this society where a man is everything and a woman is nothing.

People accused her with Khabees (Impure) and Ghaleez (Unclean) whenever a girl stands to choose willingly for herself. “Khabees” starts by showing her courage to face these immoral titles. She wants to live arbitrary as to choose what she likes, and to leave what She does not, even for no reason. Only this reason should be enough that She wants to.

From the beginning, Women are merely celebrated about beauty and her sacredness in all the ways but she refuses to be like that. She is passive to her own desires, eagerness and willingness. She likes to follow her lusty heart as it is the sign of liveliness. She lives in ego, she is superior in her mind, in her own way. She can be a minaret of her ego and does not let her down to get touched. While doing so, she might be perceived as feeling less, cold-hearted object.

She accepts it but she doesn’t let herself to be meek before any dominancy. She can be selfish like any man. Why only she is expected to be good-natured? She breaks all traditional visions of society by asserting that she doesn’t want to be distinguished for anyone by killing her heart. The reason is, she is ordinary like any other human.

This sturdy part may leave a man in shivering state when she claims to be in fully free from any kind of emotional restrictions. She suggests a man to have marble idol if he only wants a superficial beauty and body and is not intended to value her sentiments and individuality.

She claims that nobody owns her body and denies worshiping any man. She doesn’t have any sort of daintiness. She wants to be rough and self-centered. She does not need his so-called attention or illusionary care and she has an absolute self. She is not miserable without any masculine existence. Now she cannot be restricted by any barrier or objection as she has recognized her worth. She is on her mutiny (movement) to go against patriarchal society.

She is strong. She is alive!

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