Get Familiar with a Rational Lady: Iqra Khilji


According to Iqra Khilji’s own words, she was very young, when she learnt how to write Urdu by his grandfather in Bhopal. Her love for Urdu has been growing since. She developed her thoughts about feminism from Fehmida Riaz’s impressive works.

Iqra had been considering poetry very personal and did not ever recite it in public. She was willing to carry her talent hidden. When a vast platform like Habitat Studio appeared to approach in November 2018, her cousins pushed her to participate. She was the only Urdu poet among 13 other poets at that event. So, this was the first platform who gave expression to the incredibly amazing Iqra Khilji poetry named ” Khabees” which she wrote on the note book during a class lecture last year.

“Khabees” talks about the day to day struggles from which a woman suffers throughout her life, the male dominance. It gives strange wings to a woman to fly and celebrate her freedom. Its rebellious stance provides her with the strength to go against this patriarchal society.

After Iqra’s first performance, there has been a great transformation in the way she looks poetry. Now, she is willing to publicize her all works as she begins to think, if her poems are worth to change the society or even a single person’s thinking, she should always recite them in public.

For Iqra, feminism is not only a free will of women but it is accompanied with a correct education given to her. She wants that a woman should be given a complete rational understanding about each and every concept of her life.

Although she is pursuing law, but she does not have any intention to start her career as a lawyer rather she is willing to do revolutionary write to bring some change in the society.

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