Mirza Ghalib’s First Portrait Wall in Mumbai


Indians paid a special tribute to the legendary figure of poetry, Mirza Ghalib by creating a wall engraved with his magnificent portrait. Ghalib first wall painting has been inaugurated on 28 Jan , Monday by noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar on the point of Nagpada Junction (Mumbai). This inauguration was attended by many other prominent political personalities.

As it is perceived only those nations which remember their historical legends and keep them alive at the core of their principles reach to the peak of greatness. The nations only progress when they continue to celebrate its origin and keep it associated with their future. The nations which disregard their historical background and disconnect themselves with the great figures of past times undoubtedly lose their values.

Mirza Khan Ghalib is a famous Urdu and Persian poet who got fame during the last years of Mughal Empire. Sublime philosophical ideas about man’s role in this universe are found in Mirza Ghalib Poetry. He wrote with brain instead of heart. Critics believed “Ghalib gives poetry a brain. Before him, it has been treated with heart only”. His poetry leaves a man in a state of questioning where one is forced to think about life and its circumstances. His poetic diction is so splendid that he is referred as the ‘Gifted Letter Writer’.

The mural (painting) is 10 feet high and 42 feet long. What a splendid sight it would be !Damodar Aware and Tushar Shinde are those talented artists who labored for quite a long time to cast Ghalib and two of the most imperative aspects of Ghalib’s life in fiber. This project cost is approximately 50 lac and is still nothing before the literary services of Ghalib which he has gifted to Urdu Poetry and literature.

So after the paper, now poetry will be cherished on walls to deliver a massive glimpse of its vast impressiveness which will surely cultivate more interest in the new generation regarding Urdu Poetry.

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